Thursday, May 03, 2012

Loey and her Dad: Stars at 1871 Grand Opening

Chris won a commission to create a mural, in collaboration with his friend Dan Ezra Lang, at 1871, a new "incubator" for startups here in Chicago ( Very high profile initiative and big feather in Chris's cap to have gotten the commission.


1871 threw a big grand opening celebration last night and Chris put us on the guest list to attend.

Loey was easily the most beautiful and amazing baby at the party. Also, so far we could tell, the only baby or child there altogether. Mostly it was crammed full of a bunch of potential investors in suits and software coders in t-shirts with the names of their websites prominently displayed.

You can see both Chris's mural and many pictures of lovely Loey here. But here are some highlights:

Lovely Pink Loey

The mural (or most of it)

A close up:

Loey sitting on couch excited about the thing-in-her-hands-she-can-chew-on:

And then she realizes her mom is not within two feet of her:

1 comment:

iudith said...

Hello Steven,

She is amazingly beautiful !

A real pinky jewel queen :) :)

I can only imagine what a happy grand papa you are and how difficult it should be "to switch" to PL/SQL sometimes ...

Enjoy her as much as you can !

And cheers for Chris's very nice works !

Best Regards,
Iudith Mentzel (PLSQLChallenge)