Saturday, March 31, 2012

April SQL Quizzes at the PL/SQL Challenge by AMIS

I am very pleased to announce that the SQL quizzes at the PL/SQL Challenge for the month of April are provided by Lucas Jellema and Patrick Barel of AMIS (you will find at the end of this post a description of AMIS). Patrick is a longtime player at the PL/SQL Challenge, and also both reviews and authors SQL quizzes. Lucas is Chief Technology Officer of AMIS and a well-known and highly-regarded presenter at numerous Oracle conferences.

I hope that you enjoy their SQL quizzes. My deepest thanks to AMIS for supporting the Oracle community through the PL/SQL Challenge site.

About AMIS

AMIS is an Oracle, Java and SOA Specialist from The Netherlands, founded in 1991. Consistently active as frontrunner with the latest Oracle technology, AMIS is well known around the world for its community contributions, through presentations on conferences, Master Classes, articles in developer magazines, books and its Technology Blog ( AMIS has 5 Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors among its staff.

AMIS provides consultancy services around Oracle technology, including Database Development (SQL, PL/SQL, APEX); User Interface development using Java/JEE,ADF and WebCenter; SOA & BPM using SOA Suite, BPM Suite and OSB; BI using ODI, OBI EE; Security, Performance, Scalability, Availability and Administration of run time infrastructures including Database, Middleware and VMs. These services are rendered locally in The Netherlands, but also to customers in other countries and continents. Note that the Oracle Database, SQL and PL/SQL have always been crucial in the activities of AMIS.

AMIS is probably best known for its advanced knowledge, experiences and specialists. Knowledge transfer in various forms - training, coaching, reviews, "education permanente" - is a key element of what the company does. AMIS for example can deliver masterclasses and trainings on site (or through webinars) and also offers self-study materials.

The latest initiative from AMIS is the 'further' training program, targeted at experienced Oracle professionals, who are somewhat stuck in traditional tools and technology and perhaps yesterday's versions or ways of working, and who are now ready and eager to 'further' their knowledge and career. This program is offered to individual developers as well as to organizations who have teams to propel in this fashion. The program is provided in various ways and through various channels.

More information about AMIS can be found at the corporate web site, the Twitter account - @AMIS_Services, its technology blog, and through email to

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iudith said...

Hello Steven,
I follow sometimes the posts on the AMIS web site and I really think that Lucas is an Oracle genius :)
I can only wonder how can one manage to be so up-to-date and able to supply tricky and original solutions and master so many various Oracle fields, among them those that I miss so much not being updated enough with them.

I really feel sometimes that I am leaving in a kind of isolation from the big world, it is terribly difficult to keep path with both your numerous daily duties and the top news in so many development areas.
I can only welcome the idea of having Lucas join Patrick and be our guest at the PL/SQL Challenge !

Thanks & Best Regards,
Iudith Mentzel