Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Yes Time!

Finally after many years of being complicit in the poisoning of our own bodies, many people are coming to realize that lots of the food products (as opposed to food) that we buy in supermarkets are bad for us, make us sick. Thanks, Michael Pollan and others for your impact!

This shift in public opinion is revealed in changes in advertising by the companies who sell industrialized, factory-produced edibles. 

I was watching the Daily Show last night and was greatly amused by Kraft Food's "It's Yes Time!" campaign.

The ad was all about how a Mom keeps saying No, No, No to all the idiotic things her husband tries to do. But then she is fixing a dinner of hot dogs and this is a Yes! meal because the hot dogs are "Oscar Mayer Selects" that feature "specially selected cuts of meat that have no artificial preservatives. Better yet, Selects has no artificial flavors or colors—even more reason to say yes."

This is good news, no doubt about it. Almost as good as not selling that crap "meat" anymore at all.

But what I find hilarious about these ads, along with a new series of ads from the American Beverage Association ("America's beverage companies are making it easier to choose the beverage that's right for you - with more choices, smaller portions, fewer calories and clear calorie labels."), is that these companies are all implicitly dumping on the rest of their products, and admitting that they are not good for you.

And in the case of Kraft, the almost explicit message is "Don't buy our regular hotdogs. They are a no-no and bad for you."

Ah, the joys and absurdities of marketing!

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