Wednesday, October 05, 2011

PL/SQL Trainings in Germany and Netherlands in December

I swore over traveling just about a year and overall it's worked out very well. I am in San Francisco for Oracle Open World now, and it is only my second business trip of the year!

But as has usually been the case in past years, the end of the year gets a bit busy, and so I will be traveling twice more before the end of the year:

November 9 - Keynote speech at the 100th Northern California OUG Meeting

And then off to Europe in early December for two trainings:

Best of Oracle PL/SQL Two-Day Training
Sponsored by DOAG (German Oracle User Group)
Berlin on 6-7 December

Best of Oracle PL/SQL, Best Practices and New Features
Sponsored by AMIS
Nieuwegein, Netherlands on 8-9 December

If you live in Germany or the Netherlands or any place close by....please consider attending one of these courses. My trips to Europe will now be few and far in between, so take advantage of my "rare" appearance! 

1 comment:

iudith said...

Hello Steven,

I am so jeallous !
Can I dare ask you when can we expect to see you in Israel, if ever at all ?

Here, unfortunately, we are very far from any possibility to attend the international events, except for very, but really very singular and lucky Oracle World attendees ...

But I am sure that our ILOUG will be extremely happy to welcome you as our guest, it will surely be a high "push forward" to the PL/SQL awareness in these places ...

Thanks anticipately if you could embrace this idea :) :)

Your (almost only) Israeli PL/SQL Challenger,
Iudith Mentzel
Haifa, Israel