Thursday, July 21, 2011

Special $49.95 One-month Subscripton PL/SQL Channel

I announced availability of the PL/SQL Channel several months ago: 27+ hours of recorded trainings on the Oracle PL/SQL language, available at the PL/SQL Channel and covering many (but admittedly not yet all) features of the PL/SQL language. At $395 per year per developer for unlimited access to all this content, the PL/SQL Channel is the most cost-effective use of your training dollars for PL/SQL developers, with much greater short- and long-term impact than one-time, instructor-led trainings.

I have also found, however, that many developers (or their managers) are reluctant to pay a subscription fee for a whole year, when their training budgets are very tight and they are not sure they will be using the PL/SQL Channel videos for such an extended length of time.

We have decided, therefore, to offer access to the PL/SQL Channel for 30 days for just $49.95. Yes, that's right - for less than $2 per day you can access dozens of PL/SQL videos with detailed trainings, plus their supporting presentation documents and code. This special price will be available through the end of September 2011.
We are also continuing our free, 30 day trial of the PL/SQL Channel (limited, however, to viewing of just five videos).

To start your free trial of the PL/SQL Channel, click here.

To order your $49.95 subscription to the PL/SQL Channel, click here.

Note: the thirty-day period starts on the day you purchase your subscription.

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