Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Latest PL/SQL Challenge championship playoff results

We just held the 6th quarterly championship playoff at the PL/SQL Challenge. 34 players competed, answering five tough quizzes.It takes a lot to qualify for the playoff: you must rank in the top 25 over the entire quarter (and some 60 quizzes); your percentage correct must be very high; or you are selected in a wildcard process that still requires a high level of play.

You will find the results and rankings below. Congratulations to all players, of course, but let's give a special round of applause to our top three players:
  • Gary Myers (#1), who also ranked #2 in the last playoff and who wins a US$250 gift card. His first place ranking is especially impressive given the short time Gary took to answer the questions.
  • Chris Saxon (#2), who wins a US$175 gift card
  • João Barreto (#3), who wins a US$100 gift card
Good luck to everyone in the quizzes for Q3 2011 - I hope to see you in the next playoff!

Rank Name Country Total Time Total Score
1Gary MyersAustralia11 mins 21 secs2848
2Chris SaxonUnited Kingdom19 mins 32 secs2734
3João BarretoPortugal15 mins 06 secs2598
4Viacheslav StepanovRussia19 mins 57 secs2551
5Frank SchraderGermany19 mins 50 secs2353
6Ludovic SzewczykBelgium18 mins 35 secs2328
7Siim KaskEstonia18 mins 53 secs2322
8james suCanada16 mins 28 secs2321
9kowidoNo Country Set19 mins 49 secs2254
10Mike PargeterUnited Kingdom16 mins 41 secs2216
11Sean StuberUnited States20 mins 00 secs2150
12Randy GettmanUnited States18 mins 58 secs2146
13Filipe SilvaPortugal18 mins 04 secs2139
14owbegUkraine15 mins 48 secs2109
15Dalibor Kova Croatia18 mins 37 secs2053
16Jeff KempAustralia11 mins 38 secs1942
17macabreRussia19 mins 41 secs1931
18Theo AsmaNetherlands14 mins 48 secs1829
19Mojibul HoqueBangladesh03 mins 57 secs1821
20xtenderRussia04 mins 32 secs1809
21Kevan GellingIsle of Man18 mins 28 secs1781
22Anna OnishchukIreland17 mins 12 secs1706
23DikkieDickNetherlands13 mins 58 secs1696
24Alexander PolivanyUkraine20 mins 00 secs1675
25mentzel.iudithIsrael20 mins 00 secs1575
26Marc ThompsonAustralia19 mins 39 secs1557
27QBelgium16 mins 12 secs1551
28cleeUnited States17 mins 56 secs1441
29NickLUnited Kingdom19 mins 55 secs1402
30Pavel ZemanCzech Republic20 mins 01 secs1375
31Gerry171United States19 mins 00 secs1345
32Rajesh VenkataramaniIndia16 mins 43 secs1341
33RosemaryUnited States18 mins 38 secs727
34Jerry BullUnited States18 mins 47 secs40

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