Friday, February 21, 2014

ODTUG is my favorite Oracle User Group!

Each June, ODTUG hold its highly respected and enthusiastically attended Kaleidoscope conference. this year it will take place in Seattle. Lots more details here.

And several years ago, ODTUG added a community service day (CSD) on the Saturday before the conference, to give attendees an opportunity to "do good" while they enjoy the perks of a software conference (they are, after all, very perky!).

Yesterday ODTUG announced their CSD for 2014:

Nature Consortium in Seattle, Washington, strives to combine community, art, and nature. Be a part of this quest by joining ODTUG on Saturday, June 21, for our seventh annual Community Service Day. ODTUGgers will be working to eradicate several invasive plant species in the West Duwamish Greenbelt, one of the crucial wild spaces in Seattle providing a home to much of the wildlife thriving in this tech-savvy city. In keeping with the values of Nature Consortium, Seattle itself, and Kscope14, you will realize the culmination of community, art, and nature as musicians play in the forest while you work to better the environment.

This choice makes me both excited to, for the first time, attend a Kscope CSD and proud to be a member of ODTUG.

I happen to believe that fighting invasives is just about the most important thing and best thing a human can do in this world to compensate for all the awful damage we have caused to our very own beautiful planet/habitat. 

I look forward to joining what I hope is a group of hundreds of fellow-Kscopians to make a big impact in June!

Thanks so much, ODTUG!

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