Saturday, November 23, 2013

Personal Cloud Storage - Oh Yeah!

I hate advertising, but I sure do find the machinations and twisty-thinking of marketeers to be quite entertaining. Here's an especially delightful example:

Allow me to offer you the description in full size, easy to read text (bolding by Yours Truly):

My Cloud by Western Digital
3TB Personal Cloud Storage
* Keep Your Content Safe at Home
* Get Abundant Storage and Blazing-Fast Performance Without Paying Monthly Fees
* Store, Organize and Back UP Your Photos, Videos, Music and Important Documents All in One Place

Makes sense to me. Western Digital is watching "the Cloud" (Internet-based storage and computing resources) take away its business ("I hate you Dropbox").

Rather than fight the buzz about Cloud Computing, WD "joins" Cloud Computing with a "Personal Cloud."

Also known as: your own hard drive.

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