Monday, November 18, 2013

Loey in a Puddle, Loey the Big Lady

Spent the latter half of Sunday with Lovely Loey.

Stormy day (lots of tornados south of Chicago) and both Veva and Loey enjoyed stomping in some puddles in their big yellow boots!

Took her to the Children's Museum for the last half hour until they closed, then got ice cream and finally a visit to Build a Bear, where she was very happy to hug two new "babies" - and also did not fuss about putting them back and not buying anything there!

Loey asked (no, to be honest, TOLD) Grandma Veva Silva to lie down on the blanket and got nite-nite with her. So they did that (along with a half dozen of her "babies" - mostly stuffed animals) and then Loey sat up and stared down into Veva's eyes very seriously and after a moment said "You are a baby" and then treated Veva like one of her babies, put her arm on/around Veva's shoulder, patted her. Very funny little girl! (who insists that she is certainly not a "baby", not a "little girl" not a "big girl" but a "big lady"!).  

 Later in the evening, it was time for a tea party!

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