Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No more daily quizzes? Oh my!

In case you ever have visited the PL/SQL Challenge or generally follow my obsessive behaviors, I have just announced at the PL/SQL Challenge blog that I plan to stop offering daily quizzes starting in 2014.

This is a big deal, at least to me. I started the PL/SQL Challenge in April 2010 and since then we've published five new quizzes on PL/SQL each week, come rain or shine, holiday or workday. And it should come as no big surprise, given that this whole site was my idea, that I have written more quizzes than everyone else combined: over 1,000. Wow.

See what I mean about obsessive? PL/SQL is not the "biggest" language, feature-wise. Sure, there are still aspects of the language we haven't covered, but certainly all the main branches of functionality have been covered - several times over.

Clearly, I could keep going. I could do it. But for several reasons you will find on the blog, it seems like it makes more sense to shift how I spend my time.

One motivation for the shift is so that I can concentrate more attention and resources on other aspects of the site.

Another motivation is to reduce the amount of time I need to sit in front of my computer.

I just celebrated my 55th birthday, and it sure has gotten me thinking about how much more of my life I want to live in cyberspace.

These days, I am much more interested in getting outdoors, away from what I call Humanland, and both enjoying the natural world and helping to repair the natural world. I expect to be sharing more of these ideas - and ways that you can do some repairing yourself - in the coming months.

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YogR said...

good thoughts. please don't stop writing blogs though :-)