Monday, October 07, 2013

A question about my e-reader preferences

I received this note late in September:

Hello Steven,

Well, as I've been searching for info/opinions/reviews on this, I figure why not try asking you ???  Would sure appreciate your feedback.

I'm a programmer entering into work where I'll be traveling a bit, no longer able to search my bookshelf for information.  I'll need to travel with my frequent references, including your books and others from O'Reilly, Tom Kyte's books and others from Apress, and books from Oracle Press.

I'm an old timer more comfortable with paper books that I scribble notes in, but it looks like I have to go electronic.  What e-reader format do you use, if any, and what do you like or not like about your device?

Thanks in advance!

So, Steven, what do you use? Your tablet? Your smartphone? Your Kindle Paperwhite?

None of the above.

In fact, my feeling right now is that I have reached my limit for how much I want the virtual "world" to invade my "real" life.

I finally upgraded my fliphone to a smallish Android smartphone, because I found texting too frustrating on those small phones and I realized that I would need to text with my nieces and nephews if I was going to stay in touch with them. So I paid that price.

But I have no interest in playing games on my phone or using apps, or getting a tablet to watch movies, or investing in an e-ink device so I can read books on a screen that doesn't wash out in the sun.

Nope, none of that for me. My career as a software developer, author, trainer has already resulted in me spending a horrifying large percentage of my adult life in front of one screen or another.

Today, the most important thing I can do (after taking care of family) is GO OUT INTO THE NATURAL WORLD - escape human devices and the enclosures/surfaces we create to protect us from our habitat (house, car, sidewalk, road, office, etc.)

Specifically, I try to spend a minimum of ten hours a week fighting back against invasive species. Here in Chicago, my nemesis is buckthorn. You can see below an area that I have cleared. It's hard work (I have quit my fitness center - all my exercise takes place outside now) and I love it.

So to get back to Edward's question: I realize that you have different needs and perspectives, so I am sure you will find something to meet your requirements. I'm simply the wrong guy to ask. But please do give serious thought to spending more time outdoors, away from human things.

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