Sunday, March 10, 2013

Derrick Rose's Camp

I don't follow sports much, but I enjoy looking through the sports section of the newspaper now and then. There's usually something outrageous or outrageously entertaining in there somewhere.

This past Sunday, the Chicago Tribune had (of course) another article addressing the question "When will Derrick Rose return to the Bulls?"

Shortly after signing a 5-year extension to his contract worth (no, this is not a typo) $95 million, he tore his ACL - requiring surgery and extensive rehab.

Now he has been cleared to play full court practice and "everyone" wonders: when will he play again?

Anyway, the article in the Tribune sported the title:

GM Forman: No rift with Rose's camp

and went on to say:

Bulls general manager Gar Forman reiterated Saturday there is no communication rift between Derrick Rose's camp and the organization regarding the return date for the All-Star guard from his left knee injury.
"We talk all the time -- high-level communication," Forman told the Tribune on Saturday before scouting the DePaul-Pittsburgh game at Allstate Arena.

I love this! Derrick Rose has a camp! And when the General Manager of the team that is paying this guy $20M a year to (right now) sit on his butt wants to talk, well, you know it's gonna be a high-level communication!

Oh, yeah. High level. Right up there. In the camp. Now the only question is how "high level" can the GM go? Who in Rose's camp has the awesome responsibility to communicate with the GM>

Is it the Media Spokesman? The Social Media Manager? The Wife? The Agent? The personal trainer? The personal physician?

Or - wait, could it be....Derrick Rose himself?

I wish I had a camp. 

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