Monday, March 11, 2013

Coding Therapy Videos from Dell

For the past several years, I have given my Coding Therapy talk to Oracle technologists, offering insights through:
  • Dream therapy
  • Shock therapy
  • Game therapy
  • Couples therapy
It is, of course, entirely tongue-in-cheek, but also (I hope) helpful to programmers, in giving them a different perspective on some of the challenges they face in their work.

These talks have usually been very well-received, which inspired then-Quest Software to bring me out to Hollywood (well, Aliso Viejo, anyway) to shoot a series of videos in which I impersonate a therapist and provide coding therapy to a programmer in need.

Here I am, deep in my therapist role:

Very convincing, right?

But then Dell bought Quest Software and I worried: would they still release the videos?

Of course, they would, and they did, starting today!

The therapy sessions will be released on Facebook over the next month. Check out the first one here.

And if you share this video on Facebook, you will be entered automatically in a raffle to win a thoroughly delightful Toad t-shirt.

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