Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top Twelve List

A month ago, I received an email asking for some help on PL/SQL. So I helped. Fahd then replied to me as follows:

"Do you want to know what I like the most about you other then PL/SQL?"

Well, how could I refuse? I wrote back: "Sure, I'd love to know." and so I got the following list:

1) You talk so fluently without any difficulty. (And for long hours)
2) You don't mangle your words when you talk. (Most of the teachers do)
3) You talk so clearly even I can understand (Living in Pakistan) each and every word of yours.
(I don't know if every one of your area talk like you?) 
4) You don't get confused while giving any interview or lecture (Even after giving so much time to monitor).
5) You have plenty of things to say.
6) You have a good sense of humor.
7) You have a good smiling face.
8) You have a smart body & Mind.
9) You don't hide your knowledge, rather you spread it. (Even begin a Professional)
10) You give response to Emails (Even being a busy & famous Person)
11) I don't know how you write. I haven't read your book (I cannot afford!)
12) Over all you are my favorite Personality Alive.

Aw, shucks, you are making me blush. :-)

I was, I must admit, surprised and a bit amused by #11 - I am mostly known for my writings on PL/SQL, but it appears that Fahd just knows me from videos and webinars.

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