Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marketing absurdities: the Saab survives...

Learned something new today. I thought that Saab was a dead brand, that GM hadn't found anyone to buy it. Not true, and I am happy for all those who are attracted to cars that a long time ago featured the same engines as those found in jet airplanes. Or something like that.

I searched for "Saab future" and found the above link because the Sunday Chicago Tribune featured a full page ad for Saab, which included some truly fantastic marketing-speak.

Check this out:

"The status quo finds no refuge in the coils of Saab DNA...Everything is exactly where it should be, but the results are boldly unexpected...When different is your dancepartner, that's how the music plays. Then again, you already knew that."

Now, I must admit, that I know lots of stuff, but I did not know that "when different is your dancepartner, that's how the music plays."

In fact, I still don't know "that", because I have no idea what "that" is supposed to mean.

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