Monday, October 11, 2010

Early bird for OPP conferences ending this week

Just got this reminder from ODTUG regarding the two-day PL/SQL conferences for which I am the technical co-chair...

It's Monday, and most of you are just getting into work, so we will keep this one short and sweet.

Early Bird Registration ends on Friday, October 15 for OPP/APEXposed in both Dallas and Brussels!

In Europe? This is ODTUG's first time holding an SP conference in Brussels, October 27-28. See the agenda, check out the presenters, and sign up today.

In the US? We are headed to Dallas, November 10-11, to show you the best tips, tricks, and techniques for both PL/SQL and Application Express.

Sign up by October 15 and costs are only $550 for members and $600 for non-members.


Belly said...


I love OPP And...
a couple of weeks ago I got an email from odtug telling me that if I register I could get a $100 discount "Since you are so loyal to ODTUG".

I sent them a reply that since I'm so loyal to ODTUG I registered for the event as soon as I heard about it.
Luckily they where kind enough to grant me the discount anyway, and refund it.

Today I got your newsletter telling me that if I register now, I can get a $150 discount because I'm on your newsletter list.

I'm not crying over a couple of dollars I could have saved.
But the above has 2 effects:
1. I'm starting to worry that next week in Brussels will be a rather quiet event. Why else all these last minute incentives?
2. I've learned that next time I should wait with registration until the very last moment.

I doubt if any of these effects where meant by the discounts.

So, I love OPP and I think it's a good idea to have an early bird registration, not a come as late as you dare registration.

Again, I'm not that worried about the dollars, I'm worried about the message your sending.


Steven Feuerstein said...


Thanks for writing. You make some very excellent points.

First, I actually made a mistake. This incentive was supposed to be for the Dallas show ONLY, and not for Brussels.

But ODTUG will honor this discount if you ask for it. Send me an email and I will pass it on to them, to get back to you.

Second, the turnout in Brussels is pretty good, though not overwhelming. The turnout in Dallas is on the low side, so yes we are trying to pick it up.

Cheers, SF

Belly said...


Thank you for offering me the discount anyway, but I will not be asking for it.
a) Like you said, it was a mistake and not meant for the Brussels event and thus not for me.
b) Like I said on a previous offer, odtug already gracefully granted me a discount after registration, and I'm not trying to go for free ;-)
It's just that I really am an OPP enthusiast and the intent of my first post was only to warn you of what, in my humble opinion, could be the effect of these discounts.

If somebody registered early and now feels ripped off he will start off at the event with a negative feeling.
It's harder to turn that around then to convince somebody with an open mind.

Nevertheless, thanks again for the generous offer.