Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beta Testing Starts for the PL/SQL Challenge!

The PL/SQL Challenge is a daily quiz that culminates every three months in a championship tournament to determine the most knowledgeable PL/SQL developers in the world. You could win cash, O'Reilly Media books and other goodies - but only if you play!

From March 15 to March 26, we will be running a beta test of the PL/SQL Challenge website - and I hope you will help us. Visit, register and start playing (use real registration information - it will be valid for the real PL/SQL Challenge as well). A link to instructions for beta testing is right on the home page. Cruise around the website and let us know if anything should be fixed.

Please note that for the beta test we will be displaying nonsense Q&As (can't afford to "waste" any real questions!), so that part won't be very interesting. Please make sure to read the beta testing instructions before you get started.

During beta testing only, you are also allowed to register yourself more than once (but you will need to use a unique and valid email address). Why might you do this? So you can test the quiz-taking more than once per day - and be enrolled in our beta test raffle (giving away free copies of the ebook version of for each quiz you take, increasing your chances of winning!

PL/SQL Challenge Discount for ODTUG Kaleidoscope

There is going to be a fun, new activity at the Kaleidoscope conference this year:  "PL/SQL Developer, Quiz Thyself!" This is a live quiz on PL/SQL topics, co-sponsored by ODTUG and the PL/SQL Challenge. There will be cash and other prizes. It should be lots of fun.

ODTUG has generously agreed to offer a discount of $50 off the current registration fee for Kaleidoscope to developers who are playing the PL/SQL Challenge. Simply type "PLSQLCHALLENGE" into the Registration Code field as you go through the registration process. Early Bird Registration ends March 24, so register today for the lowest possible price.

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