Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin, the lipstick-coated, pitbull-mannered Stepford Wife

I watched the VP debate. Yep, there is no doubt about it: we now know that if Sarah Palin is given a month to prepare for a debate, then she will not totally screw things up. In fact, what we found is that she will be able to pretty much ignore whatever question is presented to her and instead spit out her pre-programmed statements.

And she will do it in an aggressive, condescending manner that indeed makes one think of a pitbull with lipstick and very nice $400 eyeglasses.

Doggone it, but she reminded me so much of a Stepford Wife. She just didn't seem entirely human.

Well, that does it, then. I will vote for Obama.


Yet Another Mother Runner said...

A Stepford Wife???

Unknown said...

I watched a little of the debate and since I saw nothing new, ok like you said with prep she sounded like she was answering things until you listen to her, I have already thrown my vote to Obama also.... An I am fixin not to help out those good old boys who arent so good and make me wonder who is really pulling their strings... Hope we see change