Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Doing SQL in PL/SQL: a key resource from Bryn Llewellyn

One of the highlights of Oracle Open World 2008 for me was the presentation by Bryn Llewellyn (PL/SQL Product Manager) on 'Doing SQL in PL/SQL: best and worst practices.'

Bryn surely has the most thorough and clear understanding of the PL/SQL language of anyone I have met (definitely including me).

His talk was detailed and precise (and maybe just a little bit overwhelming. He needed twice the time allotted) on this most important topic.

The bad news about this talk is that most PL/SQL developers will never be able to hear Bryn present it.

The good news is that everything he talks about (and more) may be found in a newly published whitepaper of the same name.

Simply visit the Oracle Technology Network PL/SQL Homepage and click on the hyperlink for that paper.

Notice also that Bryn has published an in-depth whitepaper on SQL injection, a very serious and widespread security risk in many applications.


Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

Wow!! Thanks for such a great link!!

Fletch said...

As usual, your insight about good information always helps. Thanks for the tip Steven.