Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year blogging resolution

I resolve that in 2008 I will post more frequently and more concise pearls of wisdom on my blog.

I tend to feel like I shouldn't write anything unless it is polished and fully elaborated. As a result, many of my most incredibly brilliant, witty and insightful thoughts never make it to my blog.

I know, I know - who would've thought it?

And to start right away on this resolution....

I listened to Mike Huckabee mock Mitt Romney for "flip-flopping" on issues - like his change in position regarding abortion - and thought to myself:

Poor Mitt. If only he wasn't a Republican. If he was a Democrat and was accused of "flip-flopping", he could reply:

"I didn't flip-flop. I changed my mind. After getting older and - I hope - a bit wiser, I realized that I had been wrong. That is what thoughtful, rationale people do through the course of their life. You have a problem with this? At least I am not like George W. Bush, who maintains his beliefs and positions even as they are contradicted completely by reality, even when a clear majority of the American public no longer believe him and believe he is wrong."

But poor Mitt cannot say this, because he thinks this President is peachy-keen.

[Note: I am not implying I think his earlier position in support of abortion was wrong. I think it was correct and he is mostly now pandering to the fundamentalist Christian extremists in this country.]


Michael O'Shaugnessy said...

I whole heartedly agree that changing positions is always a mistake to label flip-flopping. Shouldn't flip-flopping actually describe changing your position from PositionA to PositionB and then back to PostionA?

Michael said...

I wasn't going to post a comment but after reading Michaels I have to agree...

Definition: Flip-Flopping :: To move from positionA to positionB and then back to positionA...

But Michael you forgot the people we are talking about "American Politician's" they get to define things any way they see fit :-)