Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dispatch from Lisboa (Lisbon)

Tomorrow I return to Chicago and Veva and Eli. I am so happy. It is my last trip of the year. I am getting REALLY tired of being on airplanes...just finished a visit to Lisboa (Lisbon), at which I did my best practice infotainment session for about 150 PL/SQL developers, sponsored by DUTEC. It was a wonderful visit to a beautiful city, made even better by the incredible hospitality of Joao and Carlos of DUTEC.

I loaded up all my Lisbon photos here:

And the highlights (first pass):

The Umbrella Tree - A truly incredible and beautiful tree I came across in the small Parque Real northwest of city center. It is a short, but horizontally spread tree held up by metal supports. Very peaceful.

Lisbon sidewalks - The sidewalks in Lisbon rival those of Prague, about which I have previously blogged. They don't have quite the regularity or, in some ways, granularity of the patterns in Prague, but they are still very attractive. This is one of my favorites.

Jakub Nepras - Babylon Plant 2007 - The most impressive piece of artwork I saw at the Berardo Art Museum at the Belem Cultural Center was a 3 minute collage video by Jakub Nepras titled "Babylon Plant". It's really not possible to describe it to you; you have to see it and I urge you to seek it out if it comes to your town. Suffice it to say that many of the tiny splashes of color you see in the photo are actually things like people walking, cars moving through traffic.\

"Where are your panties?" A rather off-beat piece of graffiti I encountered walking down from the Castle.

Of course, there are many monuments, incredible old (and new) architecture, and so on....

Train station -
Lisbon Castle viewed from afar -
One of many tiled houses -
Memorial to Vasco de Gama (sailed around the Horn of Africa) -
Love-evoL-Love-evoL in plaza -



Filipe Silva said...

The event was very good and people from DUTEC are very friendly and very commited to please the users.

You took very nice pictures, and now you know more of Lisbon that me!
I hope you liked Portugal and will be back soon!

Filipe Silva

André said...


I was there at the event, it was a very interesting and insightful talk, thank you for that.

My only complain is that the imak computer glove is only available in the US ;(

Regards, I have to go code some PL/SQL now ;)

Orlando said...


Thank you Steven, for the great talk of last Friday.
I’m looking forward to have the opportunity to apply some of the Best Practices that you talked about, in the company that I work for.

I’m glad that you enjoined Lisbon, and I hope that, as you mentioned, you have the opportunity to be back to Lisbon with your two days talk.

Best regards,
Orlando Antunes