Sunday, May 13, 2007

When AP is the enemy, who is our friend?

AP = Associated Press

AP is one of the major news content providers to newspapers, websites, etc.

In April 2007, Tom Curley, AP president and CEO, said this about reporting in Iraq, and particularly the Anbar province: "It is about the Associated Press. We are the target. Freedom of the press is the target....There has been an extreme effort to shut down coverage from an out-of-control place. That is what the facts show.”

I read this quote in today's Sunday Tribune's column by Clarence Page, Held without charges.

Page informs us that two journalists, including Bulil Hussein of AP, have been detained and held without charges, by the US military. In the case of Hussein, AP has thoroughly investigated his activity in Iraq and can find no evidence to back up even the vague speculations made public by the Pentagon regarding Hussein.

If people like the CEO of Associated Press, must now openly declare that he and his company are the targets of the US government and military, we are in a very bad, very dark moment in our history.

And it is going to get darker and worse, unless U.S. citizens find their voices and do more than elect a Democrat in 2008.

Our nation is not perfect. But it is surely one of the best efforts to create a society of humans in which the rule of law holds sway over the actions of its individual members. That rule of law establishes the foundation for our democracy (also very imperfect), and it is something of which we should all be proud.

George Bush and Dick Cheney trample on those laws and undermine our democracy. They lie to us and barely even bother to cover for those lies. They hand over billions of our tax dollars to their friends in companies like Halliburton and Blackwater, even as those companies provide the most corrupted, degraded services in exchange for those funds.

And we let it happen. Well, I don't know that there's much I can do about it, but I will state publicly and add my name to whatever efforts are going on towards this end:

George Bush and Dick Cheney should both be impeached. They should be removed from office as quickly as possible. Indictments should be brought against them, and they should be arrested for their crimes.

Impeach Bush
Impeach Cheney

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Unknown said...

Unfortunately, the impeachment process is a little late on these two. The damage these two clowns have done to the US will take years to undo. I hope the American Voter is finally waking up and although they may not have voted for either of these two people, maybe 2008 will have some intelligent voters at the poles. You know, the kind that go out an investigate things before checking a box. The kind that dont just believe the advertisements they see on TV from their party and go read about the subject to find out if they are being fed the trueth. The American Voter has gotten lazy and expects to be spoon fed. Unfortunately, what is in the spoon is rancid and has been for many years. Let's show our goverment we are not the stupid people they take us for. The internet is the tool that can show people the other side of the arguement just in case :-)