Monday, July 24, 2006

Miss Congeniality 2006

I know, I know. It's been ages since I last posted.

It's because I am super, tremendously busy, and I should tell you all about that.

And because I am so super, over-the-top busy, I have to stay very focused.

But here I was just a moment ago staring at Miss Congeniality 2006.

What is my excuse and why am I telling you about it? Okay, you said you wanted to know.

I zipped over to MyYahoo to check the latest headlines, see how many more innocents had been killed by Israel's ferocious, unconscionable bombing of Lebanon, and by Hezbollah's own set of war crimes: shooting missiles at Israeli towns.

And there, the word Puerto Rico caught my eye:

Miss Puerto Rico crowned Miss Universe, collapses

A few years ago, we bought an old coffee farm (derelict, really just a small out of the way mini rain forest) on the western side of Puerto Rico. So I am interested in all things PR.

Well, I followed the link, eventually ending up at I noticed the Miss Congeniality prize and, having enjoyed Sandra Bullock tremendously in Miss Congeniality 1 and been horribly disappointed in Miss Congeniality 2 (a perfect example of a movie which definitely does not warrant a sequel!), I had to take a look at Miss Congeniality 2006.

As one might expect, Angela Asare of Ghana is absolutely stunning.

But I must admit to you, she doesn't look all that congenial. I find it very amusing that the Miss Universe entity would use this photo for her Miss C award....

Anyway, back to work, tell you about it soon!

Oh and congratulations to Zuleyka Rivera! You are welcome to visit my old finca any time....

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AK47 said...


Don't blame the person (the pageant) who deliver the message because she is not the one who has organized this show ... even if she could say of another movie :D