Sunday, November 02, 2014

Science needs to explain this?

Christopher Nolan of Dark Knight fame releasing new sci-fi movie: Interstellar.

In a Chicago Tribune interview, he says:

I could be wrong, but science needs to cross a threshold and explain why a monkey typing infinitely would never type the works of Shakespeare.

Well, I could be wrong, but maybe Nolan is a bit of an idiot when it comes to science.

Please, Mr. Nolan, tell me which scientists make this claim?

I guess he read somewhere about infinity and how incredibly awesome and big and never-ending it is, and so eventually anything would be done by anybody or anything and so even monkeys would "eventually" write Shakespeare and and and....

Produce a movie called Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey. 

In fact, maybe Chris Nolan is actually a monkey who crossed over from that obelisk in 2001, and got super smart and so a monkey already has produced a movie called Interstellar.

Damn, that is just so cool and so weird and it's like, that's never going to happen, man, no way.

So scientists had better figure out WHY that is not going to happen when they obviously really believe that it WILL happen (go, monkey, go!).

And to do that, they are going to have a cross a threshold, 'cause clearly science has hit its limit here. Just like with souls. Science can't explain souls, so I guess scientists had better cross over - maybe into a parallel universe -

Because really what could be cooler than parallel universes?

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iudith said...

Hello Steven,

It looks to me that, in general, those who claim that a monkey will never be able to type Shakespeare's works do so for a well known purpose, namely, "to prove" that if science cannot explain it, then, well ... the explanation resides THERE ..., and we all know where ...

Another approach, which is used in many fields of today's creative work, or to be more precise, mostly in Arts, is to say:
"Well ... of course the monkey cannot reproduce Shakespeare's works, just as he cannot reproduce Beethoven's music" ... so what ?
That alone DOES NOT mean in any way that Shakespeare's or Beethoven's works are MORE VALUABLE !!!
Here are our creations ... not just those of the monkey, but those of us, today's humans ...
Do we value less than Shakespeare or Beethoven just because we cannot reproduce their works ?!?

And, this is how today's world is losing its sense of the values ...

Maybe in a "parallel universe" values could be totally different from ours ?

And, if so, will we, humans, be willing at all to replace our system of values with that other one ?

I think that time has arrived for both reasonable people and for scientists to stop arguing about
what science is ultimately able to prove or not, to stop looking all the time for the ultimate reason behind each and every thing,
and, better, use the so many discoveries and proofs that we already do posses for making people lives better.

If there still exist people who are starving and dying from diseases, then both the creationists and the scientists
will have lost the real battle ... no matter which one of them is right and which one is wrong ...

Best Regards,