Monday, June 16, 2014

The closer you look....

In the last couple of years, I have shifted my attention away from the human condition (wars here and there, cool new gadgets, etc.) to the non-human condition: the natural world of trees, water, creatures large and small, the process of evolution.

Along the way, I have been reminded that what you pay the most attention to is what your brain spends the most time thinking about (at least the parts of my brain that "I" am "conscious" of). So I need to be careful about what I pay attention to (one reason that I have stopped watching television almost completely). 

And spending ten plus hours a week outdoors, in the woods, cutting back invasives and rescuing trees, has reinforced this to me:

With living things, the more I watch and more closely I watch (and smell and taste), the more amazed I am by the wonders of life. And the more alive I feel,

With manufactured things, it is just the opposite.

The more closely I look at something made by humans, the more sterile, dead and energy-sucking it appears. And the more I watch (or smell or taste), the more deadened I feel.

Perhaps this is not such a big surprise, since everything that humans make is dead, and built upon the deaths of many creatures. Sorry if that sounds like such a downer, but I believe it is simply a statement of fact.

Anyway, no need to feel down. Just go outside, into the trees, into a field, away from things we make, take a deep breath, feel the sun on your face....and you will feel much better.

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iudith said...

Hello Steven,

I cannot but strongly agree with what you said.
I am sure that this is not the proper place to say it, but... just because you mentioned several times how well and happy one can feel by just leaving the television or the other machines and going out "to smell and taste" the real nature ...

Did it occur to anybody that simply being able to smell and taste things is one of the greatest privileges in any being's life ?

Yes, however strangely this may sound,
it is a tremendous privilege !!!

I would happily give Steve Balmer's entire 2B $ (those mentioned in the other post, if I only had them) ... for the simple ability to smell, taste and breathe ...
and feel the real world as any normal being is supposed to ...

Best Regards,