Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Can't please everyone, I suppose

Back in April 2010, I started up the PL/SQL Challenge ( to provide quizzes on PL/SQL, SQL, logic and Oracle Application Express.

Hundreds of people take these quizzes each day. Since that time, over 670,000 answers have been submitted by thousands of Oracle technologists.

But you can't please everyone. I received this outraged message yesterday regarding the PL/SQL Challenge.:

This was the utmost bad joke on me. Would you be so kind to make clear your statement? My experience on the site was out of the limits of the common sense. No question but a popup nightmare required. Kindly please do something. This site is BAD, BAD, BAD. The worst I have ever seen in overall behavior!

I try not to take such criticism personally, though this did seem a bit harsh.

Well, I asked for clarification. I suggested that maybe the problem lies somewhere in his computer or network.


Let's see what he says, if he replies.

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