Saturday, January 12, 2013

Silver Linings Gunbook

From the New York Times:

Joel Alioto, 44, an Iraq war veteran who lives in the area, said he recently sold an AR-15 rifle at a gun show for $1,700, more than three times what he had paid for it. “I think the shooting in Connecticut was a terrible thing,” said Mr. Alioto, who is unemployed. “But before the shooting the gun was worth 500 bucks. I don’t think I did anything wrong. I wanted to get my teeth done, get a computer and pay for my first year of Bible college.”

I agree with Joel. Why shouldn't he get something out of it? Especially considering that he probably voted for and will continue to vote for Republicans who will take money out of his pocket and give it to those who don't need it, who push the US into more wars and whose children don't fight in those wars.

From the Chicago Tribune:

A python hunting competition starting on Saturday is drawing hundreds of amateurs armed with clubs, machetes and guns to the Florida Everglades, where captured Burmese pythons have exceeded the length of minivans and weighed as much as grown men.

I like this idea. Sure, the article points out that the Everglades are filled with poisonous (native) critters and dangerous environments. Some hunters could die as they hunt down the pythons. But the native species of the Everglades definitely need lots of help now that stupid, careless people have dumped their pet pythons (pets!!) in the wild.

I just hope that all the people who are buying up AR-15s take them into the Everglades, blast a whole bunch of pythons, and maybe thin the herd along the way. Go, evolution, go!

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