Monday, September 05, 2011

So You Think You Know Toad?

Bob Marley tells us in Coming In From the Cold: "Why do you look so sad and foresaken / When one
is closed / Don't you know another is open.

OK, so summer is coming to an end. And it can make us sad to think about colder weather (for those of us up north, anyway!) approaching. So, yes, the "door" of warmth and sun may be closing....but another door at the PL/SQL Challenge is opening: a new quiz launches in September 2011: the Toad for Oracle Weekly Quiz!

Starting on September 3, the PL/SQL Challenge will host a weekly quiz on Toad for Oracle, sponsored by Quest Software. Toad for Oracle is used by hundreds of thousands of Oracle technologists every day. Everyone has their favorite features and there's always more to learn about this incredibly useful tool. Now, you can test,
demonstrate and deepen your expertise in Toad for Oracle with the Weekly Toad Quiz!

Your answers will be ranked, based on correctness and time to answer. Top ranked players will be displayed at ToadWorld and Quest will raffle off ebooks of the Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference from O'Reilly Media to all those who played the quiz that month.

So if you are a Toad user, this is the perfect opportunity to show how well you know this tool, and learn more about what Toad for Oracle can do for you. To play the quiz, visit the PL/SQL Challenge.

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