Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weiner Distractions

From CNN:

"When fed up House Democratic leaders called on Anthony Weiner to resign last weekend, they were hoping to keep what they consider a disruptive political distraction from entering a third week. But Weiner did not step down, and Tuesday outside the House Democrats first meeting since Weiner admitted to sending lewd Twitter messages, frustration among some of his colleagues was palpable."It is taking away from all the issues we are fighting for. It's been what two weeks? It's been a very long two weeks," said Weiner's Democratic colleague from New York, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy.

I don't really care if Weiner resigns or not. I am inclined to agree with those who say "Let his constituents decide." Though I really can't imagine doing the incredibly stupid things that Weiner did and actually show up for work at the House of Representatives.

But I am struck by just how easily distracted are the supposed leaders of our great nation. What's the distraction? You've all said your piece. You want him to resign or you don't. You want him to go to therapy or you don't. So now get back to work.

If someone in the media asks you about it, you say: "I've said my piece and I am now busy doing the people's work."

Our elected officials are in general just so extraordinarily lame and ineffective (well, that goes mostly for the Democrats) or downright deceptive and destructive (mostly applied to Republicans these days, but certainly not exclusively).

If it wasn't for all those corporations and lobbyists feeding them big bucks and telling them what to do, they would truly be a laughing stock the world over.

Instead they are primarily an instrument for screwing over the poor and middle class.

But at least you don't have to claim that Weiner's penis is a distraction. FOCUS PEOPLE, FOCUS!

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