Thursday, September 30, 2010

Say Goodbye to Hardcoding - 6 October webinar - join me!

Last week, I did a webinar, sponsored by Quest, for about 45 developers on "Programming with Collections."

On 6 October, I will present one of my all time favorite webinars: Say Goodbye to Hard-Coding in PL/SQL. Hard-coding is something everyone knows about, hates, and keeps on doing anyway. Especially because we tend to think of "hard-coding" as nothing but those literal values.

But hard-coding can appear in many different forms. The webinar explores all those forms, explains why they are hard-codings, and offers solutions to get rid of the hard-coding and be left with a "single point of definition" for values, formulas, etc.

Interested? Get more information and register here.

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rsimpson said...

I attended you webinar on Wednesday and just wanted to say that it was very interesting and insightful. There's a lot to be learned from someone such as yourself and I only hope to know even a small portion of what you do someday. Love the daily challenge and looking forward to the next webinar coming up! :)