Saturday, September 26, 2009

Joel Silva, How Could You Be So Mean?

Got this email from my Dad (turns 80 next month) yesterday:

Subject: Twitter
From: sheldon feuerstein

I took a look at Twitter and asked to see what was there for you and found one comment that asked "hasn't anyone told Steven that PL/SQL is dead?" I hope not...

I tracked down this message to Joel Silva, who wrote: "Going to attend Steven Feuerstein conference today. Can anyone tell him PLSQL is dead!?"

First of all, if it is dead, why are you coming to my event in Porto, Portugal? :-)

Second, you got my dad all worried....
Joel, Joel, how could you be so mean?

So please people: be careful what you say on the Internet (about me, anyway). There are the tender sensibilities of parents to keep in mind!



Erik van Roon said...


reassure your father by telling him that for the past 50 years people have been saying the same thing about COBOL.

And if COBOL is dead, then zombies obviously do exist ;-)

__joel__ said...

Hi Steven.

I'm sorry to look so mean! It was just a flame (since I’m a Java fan) :P I have to say that I really enjoyed your conference. I share your concerns and “strategies” on how to solve some issues you addressed. The best practices you presented can be applied to any programming language so I have to say that I learned something on that afternoon!

PS: Steven Feuerstein dad, don’t need to worry! Even if PL/SQL dies your son will still be a bright guy ;)

Steven Feuerstein said...

No worries, Joel, and thanks for replying. I am glad you enjoyed my session. It's true: most best practices are universal, across all programming languages.