Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An interview with yours truly

In case you simply can't get enough of Steven Feuerstein (no, I don't generally talk about myself in the third person and definitely never in the royal "we"), I invite you to check out this interview. I had an awful lot of fun answering the questions, and you might be entertained reading them.


Yet Another Mother Runner said...

That was a good read...tho i've read a couple of things in your older posts :)

and yes...I agree with you about critiquing your own work...

i'm very confident about the code I write, but I go back every now and then to my code and see what i can change about it... in fact, a colleague and me take the time out to walk thru our code and critique each other's work all the time (in a positive way, of course)!

like I tell (advise) my daughters, the day I think I know it all is my doomsday :)

good read, thanks!

Erik van Roon said...

Nice to read a 'brief history of Steven Feuerstein'
And 'though you are obviously not the arrogant rock star kind of guy, it's always great to see that you continue to be a realist about your own abilities and shortcomings (we all have them don't we).

When it comes to writing code, I always say: Give a randomly picked developer a randomly chosen assignment to write some code. Have another randomly picked developer review it and the most likely response he will give you is "which moron wrote this?"

Every time one of my own handy scripts or packages that have been around for some time needs some updating or modification, I look at the code and shake my head at some of the things that I deliberately build in because back then I considered it to be 'best practice'.

I have no doubt that one or a couple of years from now, when I look at code I write today my reaction will start with "Which moron....Oooops'

Erik van Roon

AlexWalker said...

Belly, you are quite right: It was a pleasure to talk with Steven during the process (we bounced back and forth for 3 weeks actually ;-),
and Steven was indeed suggestive, positive, etc. As said it was a (fun) pleasure.

I will perform more interviews: As you point out, it is relaxing to learn more about others, especially the private sphere.

The interviewer