Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another aspect of the Bush Legacy

A world-wide race to arm rather than feed our citizens....

US in push for arms deals

The Times, citing Defense Department sales data through the end of August, reported that countries newly reliant on the United States as a primary major weapons source included Argentina, Brazil, India, Iraq, Morocco and Pakistan and former Soviet republics Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Together the countries signed $870 million worth of arms deals with the Bush administration from 2001 to 2004, but in the past four fiscal years the total had increased to $13.8 billion.

From $870M to $13.8B! Fortunately they are going to the most stable and democratic of nations, so we don't have to worry that someday some of these weapons might be used to kill our own citizens.

Seems like George W (or, to put a finer point on it, Dick "Watch Your Head" Cheney) is making sure that all of his friends in the military-industrial complex will be taking dumps in solid gold bathroom fixtures for the rest of their unnatural lives.


Fletch said...

I amazes me that people today are surprised at what state the US is in. All people had to do, 8 years ago, was a little research to find out GEORGE BUSH NEVER HAD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. All of the companies he started TANKED!!! And then we, not myself because I would not vote for George, hand over the country to a man who can not run a company successfully. I hope and pray the American people have been watching, listening and educating themselves over the last miserable 8 years. If they haven't, be prepared to watch the US continue its downward spiral and we may finally see the fall of the Americas.
Peace Always and sorry for the soap box rant :-)

Fletch said...

Well George needed to make some money up for the deficit he created. Plus, by the time he is out of office he wont need to worry about all the countries he just armed and all the sales those countries might do with our weapons to people we dont want to have them. If I could have been given a dime for every dumb decision Bush has made in office I believe I might be RICH... He flushed the companies he created down the toilet just like he did to the US economy... Here is hoping that the US people have gotten smarter and we see some change come into the Presidents seat otherwise welcome to the next great depression that the US is going to get to feel.