Sunday, August 26, 2007

Check out my latest Quick and Useful code offerings!

I am now posting most of my PL/SQL-specific content over at my ToadWorld blog. In fact, Quest Software has now put together a really nice on-line home for me at:

So I thought I might offer a quick reminder here of what you can find there.

My latest blog entry:

Undocumented (but supported) Oracle11g Feature! Reference Fields Of Records In A FORALL Statement!

My latest Quick and Useful offerings:

Quseful #6 - Generate collections of random values
Quseful #5 - Does that string contain a valid number?

And here is a cute little package I wrote to make it easy to put in some insurance against infiinite loops in your code: the loop killer package.


Patrick Wolf said...

Hi Steven,

had a quick look at your loop_killer package. It looks like that in the increment_or_kill procedure there is some left over test/debug code. After the raise_application_error, the dbms_output.put_line can never be executed.

Just to let you know

Steven Feuerstein said...

Thanks, Patrick. I have fixed that silly oversight.