Saturday, July 28, 2007

Update on my beautiful Insight

As I expected, State Farm has declared the car a total loss. The estimate for repairing the car came to over to $8000. The pleasant State Farm fellow told me that the cash value of the car is $7750. I get an extra $900 for low mileage (51000 in 7 years!), plus $600 for good condition. is very sad to see the results of all my efforts to keep the car in fine shape and drive it minimally results only in an extra $1500.

Add in sales tax and per diem reimbursement for rental car (which I didn't use, but still I get the per diem), and State Farm stands ready to hand over about $10600 for my wreck of a car.

Which I suppose is not bad considering I paid twice that seven years ago.

But for now, I do not intend to purchase another car. I can do without. Instead, I will check out Zipcar or I-Go, car-sharing services. And ride my bicycle whenever and wherever possible.

Goodbye Insight, it was nice to drive you....

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