Monday, June 11, 2007

Upcoming trainings by yours truly in Europe

A reader asked me to post details about my end of summer trip to Europe to do a triplet of two day trainings for Oracle. Here's the info and links:

Czech Republic (30th and 31st of August)

Croatia (homepage)(3rd and 4th of September 2007)

Slovakia (6th and 7th of September)

I hope to see some of you there. Please do come up and say hello if you learned about the class through this blog (come up and say hello anyway!).

Thanks, SF

PS - I am now in Brussels (it is 12:30 AM on Tues June 11). I spend Sun and Mon in Paris. On Sunday, visited both the Lourve and the Pompidou Center. Incredible places. Will be posting photos soon on Flickr.


Marius said...

Thank you for the prompt and detailed answer to my question Steven. I will try to be there.

PS: Did you end up running through the hallways of the Louvre? :) Because it is such a huge place that it is almost unbelivable that you managed to also see the Pompidou Center in the same day.

Enjoy your travel!

Steven Feuerstein said...

You are right, Marius. It WOULD be unbelievable, except that to be very honest I have minimal interest in paintings of crucifixions and portraits of bishops and so on. So I could skip enormous swaths of the Louvre. I spent more time at the Pompidou, then ended with a selective swing through the Louvre. Saw Mona Lisa - a disappointment due to the security - and some beautiful works in a section on Islamic Art from centuries past. Check out my photos at

Steven Feuerstein said...

Sorry, that is a bad link. I will post a blog entry. Check there.