Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another handy travel accessory

Let's see...it's Tuesday, so this must be Boston.

Yes, another posting on how to make one's travel life more ergnomic. That is, another tip on how to keep on working without screwing up various parts of one's body, even when you spend most of your time in planes.

Why would I be paying so much attention to this issue? Here's my travel schedule last week and this week:

Monday March 5 - Dallas
Tuesday and Wednesday, March 6-7 - Atlanta
Friday, March 9 through Monday March 12 - Florida
Monday, March 12 - fly to Philly (home for 3.5 hours)
Tuesday, March 13 - fly to Boston
Wed, March 14 - fly to Ottawa

Then home for a whopping 3.5 days, then off to San Diego

Then home for a remarkable 5 days, then off to Europe for 2 weeks.

And my upper back is killing me, from hunching my shoulders up so much, trying to type on my keyboard on the plane, especially when I have to use the touchpad.

In any case, here's the latest cool device: the WowPad.

It is a super-thin, stiff, accurate mousepad. It comes in especially handy when I am trying to work on an economy class fold-down/out tray and the tray has an indented section for a cup. The optical mouse dies, but you just lay the WowPad over it and everything is copacetic.

It is also very handy when I arrive at my hotel room and find that the desk surface is glass or something else that totally screws up the optical mouse.

I like it lots.

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