Sunday, January 29, 2006

Daniel Fischel: Corporate Kiss Ass

Just read a fascinating article in the Chicago Tribune (registration required to read it) about Daniel Fischel. Now before we go any further, I will admit to being jealous of this fellow. He's a professor, which is already pretty cool, but also serves as an expert witness at $1000 an hour for corporate cruds like Chalres Keating, Michael Milken and Jeffrey Skillin, and has collected tens of millions of dollars from his investments and countersuits.

Having said that, I am just glad that I have lived my life so that when a newspaper reports on me, they cannot offer this sort of reflection from a supposed admirer:

"He believes in what he says. He's a man of integrity in that sense."

Oh, yeah, that sense. The sense known as self-delusion. Hey, President Bush probably also believes in everything that he is doing. But not Cheney, no, no, I think he knows exactly who he is killing and the names of the people who are enriched as a result of those deaths. But W? Who knows? He might be just about as oblivious as Ronald Reagan, who would apparently fall asleep while meeting with other "leaders" of the G7.

The Trib also offers a sidebar of "Daniel Fischel on Michael Milken". Let's cut to the chase on this one with a quick summary:

1. At the time Milken pleaded guilty to six felonies, he said "What I did violated not only the law, but all my principles and values."

2. Fischel's response to a question ("You contend...Mr. Milken did nothing illegal?"): "That's right." Hey, just an honest difference of opinion, right?

3. Fischel received well over $20M as a result of his "professional" associations with Milken.

This is quite a guy!


Stephan said...

you should stick to programming...or go to law school so you would have an idea of what fischel is talking about.

Unknown said...

I agree with Dan. Milken was railroaded.